About NILA

We are a group of people with like interests that strive to create a positive relationship between landlords, tenants and the community. By doing so, we can provide the best possible living environment for the tenants. This, in turn, will add to improving our neighborhoods.

NILA was created when there seemed to be a need to form better landlord-tenant relationships and a need for a better quality of living conditions provided for tenants. There was also a need to help educate and keep landlords informed of new laws and ordinances.

Presently, NILA has a combined property value of over $5 million. The members are comprised of landlords from all walks of life. There are members who are real estate brokers and agents, investors, accountants, legal secretaries, young couples just starting out as well as members who are networking in the areas of helping those in need. The members strive to provide properties that are in a good and clean condition for tenants and keep a flow of information coming into the group.

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NILA meets on the last Wednesday of every month at:

Waterford Inn
6466 W. Johnson Road
LaPorte, IN 46350

If ordering dinner, please be there by 6:00PM

We welcome visitors and there is no membership requirement for the first visit. Our Facebook page can be located under Northwest Indiana Landlords Association.

For Membership information, please contact us.